Individual and Team Assessment Programs

Individual Performance Assessment

Performance assessments provide specific data on an athlete’s speed, power, strength, mobility, and body composition. This information can be used to measure the progress an athlete is making, create individualized training programs, and see how they measure up to their peers. Your performance assessment will include the same force plate and movement quality tests used by professional athletes. An assessment takes 1 hour to complete. After the data has been analyzed you will receive a detailed report summarizing the outcomes of the assessment. Included in this with be the athlete’s strengths, development areas, and recommended goals. Assessments cost $75 and can be scheduled by reaching out to Coach Beiting at

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Team/Organization Sports Science Assessment

Looking to get more information on your team or organization's performance? To more accurately measure the impact of your S&C program? Team or organization wide sport science assessments allow you to do that – and more. Regardless of the sport, collecting the right data on your team can lead to improved performance and healthier athletes. Assessments include specific measures of speed, power, strength, and body composition, and can be modified to meet your team’s specific needs. Once completed, Coach Beiting will generate a report that contains leaderboards, summaries of team strengths and weakness, and recommendations to enhance performance. Enhanced evaluation of existing data sets can also be performed. Pricing varies based on number of athletes and frequency of testing. Contact Coach Beiting ( to schedule.