Fall 2021 MTP Training Programs

Measure, Train, Perform is excited to announce our newest baseball/softball performance program – the Prospect Development Program. The PDP is an offseason speed, strength, and conditioning program tailored to meet the needs of baseball & softball players ages 13+. This program will help participants improve their on-field performance, reduce their likelihood of injury, and excel at showcase events. Each player will receive reports at the beginning and end of the program detailing their individual goals and progress. No prior strength training experience is required to attend the program. The PDP will be offered at the Midwest Stars training facility. Players from all travel programs and schools are eligible to attend. Online only options are available, as are modified programs for those playing fall ball. See below for more information.

Prospect Development Program @ Midwest Stars

The PDP at the Midwest Stars facility in Stow/Hudson will be done in person on Monday's and Wednesday’s from 6:00-7:30pm, while Tuesday and Friday’s programs will be done online through the TeamBuildr training app. All programs will be created and supervised by Jake Beiting, a former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach in Major League Baseball.  

Important Information:

  • Program runs 10 weeks: September 9 – November 10

  • First session is assessments – Thursday 9/9

  • Monday & Thursday’s in person training sessions are from 6:00-7:30pm

  • Modified version of PDP is available for those interested but also competing in fall ball programs

  • Class is limited to 10 slots so sign up ASAP!

  • Sign up and pay via the button below

  • Cost is $495. Can be paid in two installments (beginning/middle).


PDP - Online/distance training only

Want to train with MTP but schedule or distance won’t allow it? We are pleased to offer distance training options as well. This allows for a professionally designed program to be done at the time and place that best fits your schedule. Online only PDP participants will be required to perform the baseline assessments in person at either the Midwest Stars of Premier Athletics facility. This allows us to collect the information necessary to create a program tailored to meet your needs. Then, you will receive a weekly program with 4 workouts per week designed by Coach Beiting through the TeamBuildr app. Coach Beiting will design the program based on the equipment you have available and your assessment results.

  • Limited to 15 spots in the program.

  • Program runs 10 weeks: September 7 - November 9

  • Must attend an in person assessment session week 1, and week 10 to measure progress

  • Modified versions for those participating in fall ball programs are available. Contact Coach Beiting directly if interested.

  • Cost is $295

  • Sign up and pay by hitting the button below

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